with the newone, maintaining unchanged the wiring toward the machine; in practice the same inputs and outputs of the old PLC have been maintained also in the connection order, foreseeing the use of cards with 16 points as the old PLC. 

(New realization)

(Old configuration)

Some actual signals have been besides eliminated on the old command panel, related to the numbers of: 

- Alarm 
- Phase of the cycle on automatic doffing 
- Sequence on manual doffing 

represented on the actual command panel by three warning lights and by a double display with relative button for the selection, and replaced in the new version by the Touch-Screen panel that physically takes the place of such equipments, and that brings the relative permanent indications also equipped by the descriptive writings of the various functions. 



The Firm Grosso srl INDUSTRIAL ELETTROTECNIC AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS in COSSATO (BIELLA - ITALY) has realized a new system of management for COGNETEX spinning frames models FTC8L, very old machines, but perfectly running, currently managed by the PLCs, produced many years ago by the Firm KLÍCKNER & MOELLER, become by now obsolete and for which are not more available spare parts and technical support for the reparations.


The new system, realized using a PLC produced by the Firm OMRON and a Operator-Machine interface panel with Touch-Screen technology produced by the Firm ESA, foresees the integral substitution of the old PLC 


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