(Touch-Screen panel)

(Old display device)

On the Touch-Screen panel is besides present the function for the variation of the various times of operation of the machine, as foreseen in the old PLCs with the special Timers cards or with the use of the PLC program keyboard. 

(Page for the variation 
of the times of the spinning frame)

During the remaking of the program of management of the machine, is kept in mind the manuality and the experience acquired by the various Operators on these machines during the years, and therefore all the working functions of command of the machine have been maintained the same as on the old PLC, implementing some held changes for the better into the cycle of the machine as the possibility of reentry in automatic cycle during the phases of unloading cops or loading spinning tubes, also with the transporter belts not at end course. 

Has been besides introduced the possibility of exclusion of the phase 35 of visual control during the collecting cops, also selectable on the Touch-Screen panel. 

The simplicity of realization of the new system and the outfitted documentation also allow the intervention for the change of the machine, made by personal not highly specialized, like an electrician of establishment, foreseeing at the most 3 days of machine-stop.

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