The technology of last generation used in the realization of this system, confers to it characteristics of maximum portability of the programs on the various models of PLCs and Touch-Screen panels actual and future, putting therefore the machine under shelter from new obsolescences.

The Firm Grosso srl announces, besides, that the system here introduced has been installed and it is perfectly currently running near a known Wool-Meal here in BIELLA.

The Firm Grosso srl effects besides changes of the motorization's application managed by inverter on single and double drive spinning frame.

This type of motorization can be applied in case of:

- Spinning frames equipped with alternating current motors and mechanical speed changer with expansion pulleys.
In this case the existing motor is maintained, the mechanical speed changer is eliminated and an inverter is applied for the management of the motor, that becomes so a varying speed motor.

- Spinning frames equipped with direct current motors and DC drive. 
In this case the direct current motor is replaced by an alternating current motor and the DC drive is replaced by an inverter. 

The application of this system with alternating current motorization allows a reduction of the costs of maintenance, the maintenances for the direct current motors and for the mechanical speed changer with expansion pulleys are eliminated, and besides the system allows to manage the speed through card of stratification.

(Example of application of the motorization with inverter on a 
double drive spinning frame)

The Firm Grosso srl is at disposition of the Dear Customers for offers and evaluations on the 
practicable changes on every type of spinning frames. 

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